Re:Moncha / fiesta Live consle


Well it is a nice idea of course. We do a lot of shows and I’m sure we would like such device too. But the question is, would someone buy it? Because we did some calculations in the past and the end user price would be quite high – maybe up to 600-700 EUR, which is quite a lot. And that’s why we’ve decided not to produce such device.

Anyway quite many our friends like and use Fiesta with BCF2000 – it has motorized faders, which is quite fun (you move with brightness fader in Fiesta’s main window and the fader on BCF also moves). So right now this is quite nice combination – normal keyboard with BCF2000. You can get it for about 200 USD, which is ok.

Also to be honest, the most important feature, that’s missing by using keyboard, are faders. It’s easier to catch and move brightness and other settings with fingers than mouse – and that’s what BCF solves.