Autopilot – how to turn off?

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    How do you turn off Autopilot once it is started? I can find a way to do it.


    Click on the Autopilot once again 😉 … the name of the button is Start/Stop autopilot, I thought it’s enough. Anyway, thanks for the point, I will update manual(sorry, for me it was obvious, now I see, it’s not).



    Thanks for the response. I am not sure what button you are talking about but I will look again.

    But, if I select AutoPilot from the top menu item it will start up. But, if I select the menu item again it keeps going. So, maybe I am suggesting to make that menu item a checked menu item that toggles it on and off.


    Michal – I checked this again and realized that it behaves like it should. Sorry to have brought it up.


    No problem, any other questions, please ask.



    Hi guys,

    I think there is still something strange about the AutoPilot.
    If I uncheck all the banks in the autopilot menu and check the function Use Selected Bank, Moncha is still give output.

    Is this true?


    I’m not sure I understand it correctly, could you please describe more closely? When you check Use selected bank, it chooses efects from selected bank.



    Yes, but if NO bank is selected, Moncha still gives output.


    I have a 2.0.3 version and when I uncheck all the banks, the autopilot doesn’t switch the scenes – so it’s ok, isn’t it?



    Holland is always been a strange country 😉
    I uncheck the banks and check Use Selected Bank.
    My 2.0.3 version is still playing, really 😯

    I will capture it tomorrow with my camcorder and mail it to you.

    MonchaFreak 8)


    Well, of course Moncha keeps playing. When “Use Selected Bank” is checked, Moncha chooses random effect from selected bank(so you can choose any bank). And that’s ok, isn’t it 8) ?



    ^ I think his point is that no banks are select. Only “Use selected bank” is checked. So, if no banks are selected, then it doesn’t make sense to keep play anything.


    Yes, this is what I wrote on Sat Jan 05, 2008 7:32 pm


    Ok, it’s my fault, I haven’t explained it good enough.

    When “Use selected bank” is checked, you CAN NOT choose banks in Autopilot. Autopilot is choosing scenes from currently displayed bank(in main Moncha window!). This is the meaning of “Use selected bank”.

    If you uncheck, you can choose banks you want to use by Autopilot. If you uncheck all banks and keep also “Use selected bank” unchecked, Moncha doesn’t run Autopilot.

    I think, this is correct behaviour. Maybe the “Use selected bank” name is a little bit confusing. It means selected bank in main Moncha window, not in Autopilot.



    OK, thanks for the feedback!

    Case closed 😛

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