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    Just downloaded the demo and played my first show. When the show is playing how do you know where you are in the show timeline?


    It is possible to enable displaying current position in timeline while playing show. Just go to Fiesta’s installation directory and locate “FiestaSettings.xml” file. Edit the file(using notepad) and look for this line:


    Change it to:


    to enable this feature.

    The reason, why it is disabled by default, is that it takes more processor time while playing the show and we wanted to keep Fiesta as fast as possible(using common current processor is the CPU load of Fiesta usually 0%).



    Thanks Michal, just the answer I needed, made changes to xml file and works great, CPU usage running at 70 to 75% during show.


    Is it possible to get a listing of what each line in the “FiestaSettings.xml” file does?


    Sure, here it is:
    – was developed for one special application. When you switch between the banks, just displays text in this area.
    – this is not used anymore.
    , – was used by old Kvant USB interface, is not used anymore.
    , – you can change waveform color displayed in the background of show.
    – to display preview line during the show playing.

    Well, depends on your processor – I have Athlon Dual 4GHz and most of the time the CPU load is 0%.



    If I zoom in on timeline while I am displaying the current show position, show does not move in timeline, is this correct?


    I’m not sure, I understand, but when you zoom in(or out), we wanted the show remain at the preview line position – so you can zoom in at desired time.
    Maybe it takes time to get used to it, but it’s ok. You can also use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.



    Sorry, I was not clear, still learning Fiesta! 2 terms, when the show is larger than the show screen the preview line position will move off the right side of the screen and the show does not move to keep up with the preview line position, show line zoomed or not. Also how do I move around on the show line, something like the “Hand” icon used in some software.


    Well yes – as I said in my previous post, we’ve tryied to optimize Fiesta as much as possible – that’s why is the preview line disabled by default. And that’s the reason why the show doesn’t scroll automatically too.
    You can scroll the show by left click on the white line(with time ticks) and move to the left or right.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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