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    Hello i use fiesta for quite some time now .. and i would like to make a suggestion ..
    Make a controller for it .. i tryed the BFC2000 but i think it’s better to do a controller special for Fiesta

    or please recomend another type of MIDI controller that you tested !
    thank you


    Yes, the special controller for Fiesta would be good, we know that. The question is, would someone buy it? We’ve already given a thought about it – the price would be about 1000EUR, which is already quite a lot… so I’m afraid it would not be that interesting for most of the users – but I always try to listen another opinions, also yours is always welcomed.

    BCF is good, because it uses motoric sliders – using feedback from Fiesta I believe it is quite an interesting solution. The only problem is there are no keys – we use touch-pad monitor and it’s also quite fun to make show like that. And together with BCF would be interesting…



    anyway if it’s a good controller i would buy it ..
    my opinion is that Fiesta is very very good and the price is very resonable so a controller will not make such difference
    i recently tryed the M-audio Trigger Finger and it’s quite good you can put the effects on the touch panel but i can’t change the banks with a knob i didn’t seem to clear that out 🙂
    and it doesn’t look so proffesional

    After long tests with a lot of laser controllers Fiesta is the best for me so that’s why i think about a controller
    Thank You for your answer

    P.S i already spend more than 800 Euro to test MIDI controllers 🙂


    You could have almost Fiesta instead of your MIDI controllers 🙂 … but yes, it is very comfortable to have good MIDI controller. And using touch pad even more.



    hello again .. i now have a bcf 2000 but i’m not able to configure for fiesta .. any sugestions ? please help 🙂


    There is “Out directors” window in Fiesta workspace – choose View->Toolbars->Out directors. For now there is only one – MIDI Feedback. Doubleclick this to display list of available output MIDI devices. Select the one for BCF2000(I don’t remember the name..). Press ok and check MIDI Feedback to activate it.

    I hope, it helps…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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