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    I downloaded the fiesta! demo software and I liked it.
    So I tried to saved some of the shows to .ild.

    But none of the programs I have ( other than the moncha demo ) seem to accept it.
    Is this due to the fact that is a demo version, or is it a ‘special implementation’ of the ilda file standard.

    Anarchy gives a file input error.
    The LCC avatar software does not accept it.
    Laserpainter does not import it.
    Monkeytools does not load it.
    Mamba black does not load it.
    LFI player accepts it, but shows red(!) blanking lines.

    So I assume the output format is the new 24bit ilda version.
    And none of the software out there seems to recognise it well, if at all.

    So my main big question is : will there be a 256color output functionality so I can use fiesta! in combination with my existing software ?


      Well yes, Fiesta! currently exports only to special Pangolin ILDA format(5). It’s because standard ild format itself doesn’t support RGB laser frames.
      I can make an export to standard ild format, but the output won’t be very nice 🙁 – specially the fades.
      And maybe one more problem yo could have with Fiesta! 2 – you can’t export ild files in demoversion. You need to have hardware key to enable this possibility.



      Well it would be appropriate to have at least a notification of the type of ilda file. Most users would expect the oldfashioned-8 bit-color-palette-ilda when ilda export functionality is mentioned.
      Some demo-users might be disappointed of the output files, and refrain from buying the package.

      I currently have 3 mono-colored laser so don’t really need 24-bit color.
      Old fashioned ilda output would be welcomed by me, and many more mono-colored laser owners.

      I even think a lot (most?) of your potential customers don’t even have full color.
      Well, we all have full-color dreams, don’t we ? 😉


        Well, it was used with for our product – Cubox and sometimes we needed to create show quickly with Fiesta and play it with LD2000. And we always try to use maximum quality and really paletted ILDA lowers quality of all the shows(specially shows from Fiesta, where it’s really question of seconds to create gradient pictures). But of course, it would be appropriate to mention ILDA type at least. We’ll will fix this soon.
        But once again, this feature is already disabled in demo version.


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