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    Will there be transition (fade) between effects in moncha in the future, or will this be limited to fiesta only?

    Why does Moncha warns you if you import large ilda files? Will this affect output, or loading time, or something? Is this hardware dependent? What is to expected if moncha is packed full of say 100 files of 1MB ?

    Will the banking optimizer work for imported ilda files too?
    Usually ilda files are pre-optimized, and dont need extra blanking, this would just add more point to the frames.

    Moncha never seems to startup fullscreen, just windowed how can I change this?

    When using arrow-buttons to change offset, it is limited by 0 and 360.
    It would make sense if you go down at 0 it would change to 248.8, and if you go up at 248.8 it should change to 0 degrees.


    We’ll see, if more users will demand faders, it would be possible to include them into Moncha.

    It is not recommended to import large ild files into memory, because it eats too much of memory(its just a warrning). We recommend to use show scene to play large ild files.

    The blank optimizer now works for every frame, so also the ild frame from ild file. There could be a little problem, if we allow to disable blank optimizer – because in Moncha you generally create frames(you could combine ild file with any shape from Moncha like circle, square…). So when you would do combination of these two, it would not be good. But we could allow to turn off blank optimizer for show ild files.

    Yes, right now, Moncha doesn’t remember its previous state, could be easily solved if it is a big problem.

    About that offset – yes, it would be better like you suggest, we’ll do it in some future releases.



    Why is the movement amplitude dependent of the size ? I have no clue why they should be related.

    For example: if you have a circle figure of x-size 10, and you give it a x-amplitude of 100. Now you increase the size of the figure, the amplitude changes accordingly. If you have a triangle of size 10 and a circle of size 100, to have them make the same movement you have to give the triangle amplitude 100, and the circle amplitude 10. I really would like this to be independent.

    I would really like an numerical indication when changing the position window.

    For example: if I want to create a row of evenly spaced figures in the editor, I have a hard time to line them up exactly. It would be nice to see the coordinates next to the cursor when changing positions.

    The only kind of movement right now is, triangular (lineair up; lineair down) It would be nice to have some radio buttons for other kinds of movement ; sinus, square, sawtooth.


    Size is applied on the scene AFTER all other transformations(including movement). But you can create Multi scene, set the size of your shape in sub-scene and set the movement in parent.

    Yes, numerical indication is a very good idea.

    We’ll see about those movements. Because we want to keep some reasons to buy Fiesta! 🙂 … But some good movement editor would be interesting.


    quote -bart-“:1o10728d:

    I would really like an numerical indication when changing the position window.

    Will this be implemented anytime soon?

    Or some kind of “snap-to-grid” functionality would be nice too.


    We will see, it is added to todo list. But we are now working on new devices, so there is no much time left for updating current products…



    Well it has been added today(without the snap to grid). It was quite easy – we will release new version soon.


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