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      Is there a manual for the software? I didn’t find one when I installed it and I am not sure of how to use it all.

      Also, thanks for adding the Cancel button on the Edit Scene screen. You should swap it’s position with the OK button to be consistent with other applications, though. Not a big deal but a suggestion in case you don’t have anything else to do? 🙂


        No, there is no manual yet. If you have problem understand something, please ask. It will also help me to make this manual in the future.



          I don’t understand most of the settings on the Edit Scene screen. The rotation settings are obvious but the others aren’t. What does Create Show and Create Scene Tree do?

          There is also a lot I don’t understand about the Mocha Draw program but I have not used it much, yet.

          Also, my DAC arrived in the mail today. Thanks!


            There is a possibility to play whole shows in ild format synchronized to music. That’s Create Show is used for. Selected effect will become a “show”, when you right click on it, show settings dialog will appear(to set ild file).
            Create tree effect is used to create tree effect 🙂 – kind of effect as the most effects of default banks. This is the default action when right click on empty scene in some bank. Tree means you can create effects with subeffects.

            And about the Edit screen. At the top in Node type you set type of picture. There is:
            Figures – basic shapes like point, plane, circle, square, triangle
            Animation – ild files
            Text – text
            Multi – this one is special. Allows you to create sub-effects of this effect. Each subeffect can have type of picture and its own motion.

            When you choose type of picture, you can add motion(Animation group):
            By rotations you set offset(starting angle) and speed of rotation about each axis. Movement is used to move effect around some axis, again the offeset is starting position. Amplitude is “how far from axis to move”.
            Perspective is good for 3D effects like rotating square around Y axis.
            Disrupt is used to make “wave” effects. You set the amplitude(how far), period(lenght of wave), speed and offset(starting wave position). Lead sets which axis is rippled in what direcion(Disrupt) – I’m not sure, this is clear, but when you try, I’m sure, you’ll get the idea.
            Color changer is used to recolor effects. You can set up to 4 colors on palette and recolor the effect. Palette is applied from first to last point of the picture Repeat-times.



              Contact us at our company email [email protected] . We can provide you with one doc file, which you can print.


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