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    I just purchased an akai MPK25 to use as a midi interface controller (wow what a lot of fun)

    My problem occurs when opening fiesta again after a sucessful session, all MIDI mapping info i have previously created is not accessible.

    I tick the midi tick box, none of the mappeing is intact i get no function from the midi device.

    when i right click the MIDI tick box i see the the device in the list with a “!xyz[emulation]”

    to get function from kb i need to delete the above entry then re add the mpk25 and re do all the mapping again

    any idea what im doing wrong here

    Windows 7 32 bit


    same for me, with win XP


    Problem resloved, thanks for the prompt support from Kvant / showticle.

    Just DL 2.2.27 where i had misread the version i had which was 2.2.7

    Keep up the good work , really enjoying MIDI device, jsut trying to get my head around Different channels in MIDI if i can specifiy a CH for FIESTA i can have 3 apps off the same MIDI Device

    CH 1 Fiesta
    CH 3 Martin Light Jocky

    Off 😀 same box what a killer combo that will be. 😈

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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