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      I really like that you have added more shows to the new release. Thanks!

      Would it be possible to add a text file with them that tells which song goes with them, though? Sometimes there are different versions of the songs: album version, single version, remix version, etc. If the text file contained the group, name of the song and album it came from that would be really helpful. You could also include the length of the song (eg 4:38) because that can be useful to make sure the song you have is the right length.


        Yes, that’s definitelly a good idea. We’ll make some list of available shows with all these information.
        By the way, we should be able to add more shows in the future, I hope, you’ll like them.




        I think the next items should be used for this:

        Show name:
        Show type:
        Show software:
        Show creator:
        Show free from rights:

        Audio title:
        Audio artist:
        Audio album:
        Audio duration:

        Used projectors:
        Used satalites:
        Used scanspeed:



          Yes, very good idea, available at our web already.

          Enjoy 😉 …


        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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