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    I use Moncha very often next to the DJ. It is than very difficult to make real programed shows with Moncha, bacause I do not know that the DJ is playing…
    I can use Moncha by clicking the right scenes every 3 seconds, but it’s quite a lot of work to do that for half an hour 😕

    This is an idea for a new feature in Moncha. It’s a combination between the AutoPilot function and normal use of playing scenes.
    It’s a kind of a temporary ‘recorder’ function of scenes, which will be looped after ‘programming’.

    How it should works:
    You press and hold down the sequence key (E.g. the TAB key)
    Moncha sets the internal time counter to zero.
    Than you use Moncha as you do normal:
    You select scenes nice after eachother with internals as you like.
    After some time, you let go the TAB-key.
    This is the moment that the counter stops.
    Right after that Moncha will reapeat this sequence. Starts the first selected scene, than the next one and so on.

    The secuence can be stopped by clicking a scene or another function of Moncha and the ‘sequence memory’ is empty again. 😀


    Nice idea. But I would like to see it more in Fiesta than Moncha 😳 .



    Well, if you mention me in the Credits menu about this feature, I’m satisfied 😉


    😯 🙂



    I’d prefer a light to sound option, instead of choosing time to next scene you would choose no# of beats to next scene.


    Yes, this would be much better option. But unfortunatelly right now we have to finish lot of other started projects 🙁 ..


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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