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    Last NewYear was my first time that I used only Moncha the whole evening! ❗
    Guess what? It worked great !
    Fill in all the banks and select Autopilot. 😛

    But I missed some hotkeys that are linked to some functions of Moncha.
    For example:

    The “+” key for increase the animation speed.
    The “-” key for decreasing the animation speed.

    The SHIFT key to let the animation play backwards.
    (only during pressing the Shift key)

    The ENTER key to go to the next ‘random’ animation during Autopilot.
    This will looklike as it is synchronized to the played music.

    Is this pollible to make for the next Moncha version?




    well, I believe there are more important and more pleasant activities during NewYear night than controlling Moncha, so I hope, autopilot helped 😉 …

    It’s possible to implement all the suggested functions. But also right now you can use ‘[‘ and ‘]’ keys to set animation direction. I don’t see a good reason to hold shift to change direction – but if you give me one, for sure, we’ll think about.

    About that Enter – does it have to be linked with autopilot? Or wouldn’t it be enough to just go to another random effect? And wouldn’t it be better to use enter for something more important(I don’t know what actually, but …) – e.g. start show?



    Thanks for the reply.

    I didn’t know that the [ and ] keys are working also. 😳
    That is perfect enough ofcourse.

    About the Enter key. I just wanna say that I noticed during NYE that it’s difficult to laser something that is almost synchrone with the played music bij the DJ. We are always too late if we hear a beat or something 😥
    Thats because we have to search for a effect and press the mouse key. If this can be done by just hit a key, it would be great.
    In autopilot this will working the best I think. Let it run and tap on the key.
    Because the Space key is occupied already, I thought the Enter key would be perfect, but also another one is OK. Maybe the “->” arrow key?

    (If yes, the Up and Down Arrow keys can be assigned to Next bank or Previous bank)


    Yes, so you want some key to choose random effect?



    Well, no to choose a random effect, just the next random effect. The effect itself is not important, but the cue, the hit to the hotkey at that moment is important.


    Autopilot chooses random scene everytime duration has passed. And what you need is a key to start next random effect when autopilot enabled? I’m sorry, I’m still not sure I understand you correctly.



    Yes, that is what I want 😳
    If the duration is set to 7 seconds, and I hit the hotkey after 4 seconds (because the music beat is at that time), the remaining 3 seconds must be skipped and the software must go to the next random effect (with duration of 7 seconds. )
    So, the hotkey must skip the the reamining time.

    Gary or others, am I the only one behind the laser monitor that is fighting with this? 😆 😆

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