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    It might be nice to have a separate player-only version of moncha.
    A fool-proof executable that uses player_only.mws.
    This version should only allow playback, no editing, no loading, no saving, no toolbar.

    This version should allow “your-baby-sister” or “a couple of monkeys” to play with moncha, with no worries about lost shows, dangerous beams etc.

    This may be very useful for rental and ‘set and forget’ setups.


    Wouldn’t be enough to lock(set password) to output settings, save?



    Yes, but that would lead to discussion. “Why is that function password protected, don’t you trust me?” If these buttons are not visible, there would be no argument at all.

    Besides that, I would like to prevent that unauthorized people create dangerous scenes, like stationary beams in the audience.


    Well, seems like I don’t have other choice than agree. I’m sure, every second customer would say this. What would you think about, if I put and option in Moncha.ini file, to disable these functions? Also, should be the effect creation also disabled?



    An .ini file that would allow costumizing moncha on a deeper level would be great.

    I just want to prevent that dangerous situations might occur.


    Yes, I understand and I think it is a very good idea. I think, we’ll put some tags to Moncha.ini file, e.g.:
    It would be good, if you could send your ideas, what mor you would need.



    Done 🙂 – download latest version.



    Would it be possible to have a minimum value for the size-slider in the ‘live-screen ? Say 5%.
    0% it not very save or practical.

    It would also be nice to have a startup-at-full screen functionality.

    Double-clicking the position window could reset the position to (0,0)?

    And if it’s not too much trouble, I would like to adjust the size of the knobs of the sliders in the live-screen.


    I think, we could add some element to Moncha ini file, where you could define minimal value of size. For safety reasons I was even thinking about “automatic fading” – I mean, when you set the size too small in user mode, the picture will automatically loose brightness. I believe, it could be interesting for many parties. What do you think about?

    For sure, there was one request about remembering the last Moncha window position and state(maximized/minimized). We’ll try to add this in some of future releases.

    About the size of sliders and knobs – well, I’m not sure if it’ll be possible. There is already quite a lot of controllers in every window(specially in Edit scene window).



    Thanks, I’ll look forward to these updates 😀


    I just can’t get the

    to work in vista 🙄

    Michal PokludaAnonymous

    Yes, there is a problem with UAC in Vista. It is not possible to edit the Moncha.ini file by default. That’s why these tags don’t display. When I turn off UAC, it’s working.



    I must congatulate you with the new update, the effects and shows look great.
    Can you give us a little “what’s new in 2.1.5”
    What does 0 do in the ini file?


    Thanks, we believe, Moncha is already quite an interesting solution for laser shows. Also we have a new man specialized for laser show and laser effects creation – we hope, we’ll be able to deliver new shows every month.

    Generally the main new feature in Moncha 2.1 is the DMX control. The new Size transformation is also good for many effects. Now you can have 6 color points in palette, movement can be smooth and some minor bugs have been fixed. The WindowState element remembers last Moncha window state – maximized/normal. And when normal, also the window size and position is remembered. It is good for installations – the program starts always where it was.

    By the way we keep the update list at our download web. So you can find there always information about latest update.



    Thank you for implementing numerical position indicator.
    If it isn’t too much trouble, I would prefer a range from -100 to +100.

    In the way you adjust position, you can only achieve pixel accuracy, so displaying a 16 bit integer makes no real sense.
    Besides that, it breaks with the rest of the interface, these large numbers are not used anywhere else.

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