Repeat Effect during Autopilot function

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    For me the Autopilot is working quite well.
    But when this fuction is switched on, sometimes you want to repeat the last Effect, because of the sound/beat you hear at that time.
    OK, I can switch off the Autopilot and go on manual, but very often I’m too late to do that or I’m too late to switch it on again. 😕

    It would be cool if we can hold down the spacebar (or other key) of the keyboard, which will repeat the last Effect until the key is released.


    Is it possible to expand the delay in autopilot function? For normal effects 10 seconds is more than enough but for let’s say text advertisements it’d be better to have longer delays. The thing is when i project some longer text that’s then switched to other text by autopilot in 10 seconds, i won’t see whole text because of short display delay. Is it possible to implement some textbox next to the slider where you can put a number in seconds that would override the slider setting?


    Well it would be possible of course. But for advertisement I would rather recommend to make some simple show and play it with repeat.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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