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    Hello how do I get Fiesta2 to detect my Riya USB controller?
    Controller is installed properly and works with the Riya software.



    Well we are not sure about the latest Riya products. I think you need to replace RiyaNetServer.dll in the Fiesta’s directory with the latest one(you get it with Riya hardware).



    Hi thanks for the tip, I tried this and replaced the dll, unfortunately unsuccessfully. When starting, Fiesta shows a small alert window “Out of range” with an OK button. When clicking OK Fiesta hangs. Second try same thing except Fiesta crashes. Third try same thing again but Fiesta finally opens, but is extremely slow. It seems to recognise the Riya controller, but there is no output to the laser. The LCD in the controller does not draw the selected Fiesta pattern. Any clues?

    The dll size is 474 112 bytes.


    Seems like they’ve changed a little the interface to the hardware… so Fiesta is not compatible with the new one anymore…



    Would be nice if you could fix this soon… …I bought the USB controller since you on this site say that you support USB controllers made by Riya.


    We support USB controller made by Riya. But if they poduce a new one, it is hard for us to support this if they change an interface – we don’t use their hardware, we are quite satisfied with ours 😉 …



    Yes me too satisfied with your USB controller, I wanted to buy an extra for multi-projector shows. However, when the price for it was the same as a complete Fiesta package I felt prompted to look for other options.

    Maybe you should specify exactly what controllers are supported to avoid more people from buying things they cant use… 😉


    Well the price of Fiesta package is 880 EUR. The price of the additional controller itself is 400 EUR, so it’s not the same…



    Strange, that’s not the price I got when I placed my order. The information I got then was that an extra controller was the same price as a full package.


    Well seems like there was a little misunderstanding with your provider.



    No, you have not understood me – we have NOT affected any support of Riya hardware. Fiesta! 2 is still working with the Riya USB(the one I have). Fiesta software is blocked on hardware key, you don’t need to have our usb controller to run it(although we recommend it).

    But of course, since we don’t use Riya devices, we can’t test whether Fiesta! 2 is still working with your newer hardware – you claim it is when you change the dll files and that’s exactly what I’ve recommended…


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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