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    I want to use this topic for uploading Moncha shows because they are hard to get 😥
    I’m working a bit to release a few of them, and will be soon ready for upload.

    Maybe it’s a good start for others to do the same… 😛


      Yes, we’re also now trying to hire some person to make new shows for Moncha. I hope, we’ll be able to deliver more shows for Moncha(and Fiesta) next year.



        i finished my first show for Moncha, although it’s more of experimenting with the features than fullscale show

        i have used many of the predefined effects in Moncha and created some – very simple – mine, i don’t think it’s that good to be added to some official shows but have a look anyway and if there’s any critics, let me know what can be improved, i’m working on the next show already, so i’d have some tips to make it better than the first try =)

        Show can be found here: youtube web


          Well it’s very difficult to say, this show is great or this show is not so good. Everyone feels music a bit different, everyone likes something else. So everything I can provide you with is my opinion – what I like and what I don’t.

          What I like very much is the cross-circle game (we call it crosses in our language, sorry, I don’t know exact English word) you have there somewhere, great idea. What I also like, in many sequences you catch the beats very well (exactly) – this is always nice. Also in many sequences you play effect which is very good for that sequence. What I also like, how you’ve put the dancing frames. But unfortunately it is not so easy to use graphics and beam show at the same time (with one laser of course) – so the question is, if this show could be used on some event … depends.

          What I would change is especially no-beat sequences(e.g. 2:20 and more). There is too much of laser there. In my experience, people are quite afraid of using dark. But I personally love dark – it creates drama and when the laser finally turns on, while the beats start, you get freeze in your back. Also what I would change a bit, I would not switch between the effects so fast. And if I switch, I would use some fade in and fade out (e.g. zoom, fade, scroll left-right, …).

          But please again, this is only my personal opinion and it might not (is not) be objective. Everyone likes something else and you did certainly a good job for the first time. Maybe you could also ask at , there are many users and they could provide you with more feedback.



            Thanks for the tips, i’ll try to work on the effect switching but my possibilities are limited as currently i own only Laserworld PRO400-RGY and the fading effects were simply switching from yellow color to red at some point and then blank out. I’m not sure if i’ll be able o do it with this laser but i’ll go through the settings and try to figure out something. That’s one of the reasons the next show will be mostly simple patterns configured to go with the 3 colors of the laser. I’m not sure about the dark passages because the track i’ve selected is really a pumping rave (i have the tone patterns so i’ll try to optimize it to the tones as well). But i’ll try the dark passage with some more peaceful song in the future =)

            Oh and thanks for the link, i don’t know the forum yet so i’ll probably register there.


              I have a question regarding using the shows that come with Moncha for commercial presentation. Are these available? Can i use them on some event? Because there has been request for some synchro-show but i’m not really into this commercial pop and such stuff. So would rather spend my time to make show for some good trance tune and use some of the available shows for them.


                Yes, you can use the shows for your own laser presentations (and earn lot of money with them 🙂 ).



                You can contact me over company email.



                  Hello, user -bart- created show of Bad Apple video, which could be used for graphics presentations. He originally posted it on PL forums but users who are not registered there are not able to download the attachments so with his permission i uploaded the files on my mirror.

                  Get the .ild here (this archive contains the song as well)
                  Get the .mws here


                    Hello i made a show for Rave Instructor by Thunderbass (old NL modscene). I cut it down a bit on the length as it was way over 5 minutes in original and as it has frenetic fast, almost epileptic pace, i shortened it. You can get it here

                    No beamshots or video sorry, still don’t have proper camera.

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