Very impressive peace of kit!!

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    The thing that sold this software to me originaly,was the way its so easy to do colour balancing.
    If like me you’ve got a high’ish power green (1watt) but you cant afford the red and blue to back up a good white light system. Iv got 800mw red,800mw blue.
    If you go into device setting and select colour balance. select a colour like yellow. you can adjust the power of all of your lasers on a 0-255 slider. till you get a very good yellow. then exit. everytime a pattern selects yellow from now on it uses this setting. you can also ajust white etc.
    The ammount of colour my laser now outputs is amazing.

    And the more i use it. The better the software gets.

    ie. The other day i needed to use fiesta 2. To run a 3.5watt dpss laser. A very dangerous peace of kit in the wrong hands!! But not with fiesta 2 😆
    You can go in to device settings and set an area of the screen(below head height),to say 750mw,so any time a part of the show go’s into this area of the screen-the crowd. the laser only outputs 750mw in this area. Making it safer to crowd scan using large shapes moving at high speed.


    Cant wait to see what else i discover.

    If your thinking of buying pangolin,but dont have 2 degrees in science and maths to work it out. Or dont want to spend hours and hours learning how to use. I Strongly recomend fiesta 2!


    hello 🙂 great post .. i recently made a small controller for Fiesta 2 ( wireless ) .. i will put some movies on my site .. soon .. i will notice you .. i’m very glad about doing the job more easyer ..
    in fact i’ve made a box called AB 1 that you can atach the laser and keep it there a small computer inside that does not need monitor and has Fiesta2 !
    so i just plug in the laser(s) and go in the crown and make my LIVE show from there !


    * Crowd not CROWN 🙂 D


    your remote add on / project sounds interesting can you post some more information about it?


    yes i will post some pictures and videos to explain all .. soon .. i don’t have the time right now .. i’m sorry . i promise i will ..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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