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    Which operating system is recommended for Fiesta2?


    Well you can use both systems without any problem. We’ve tested Fiesta on Vista recently and it was nice(the new Aero is sexy 🙂 ) – regarding peformance, there was no difference.



    OK, I have some performance issues I haven’t encountered before, like when editing effects and so on. Any clues what I can check?

    Another question: Does this “no preformance difference” also apply for running Fiesta with Riyalaser USB interface?


    Well of course, Vista itself needs a better hardware. But it’s hard to answer this. We’ve used 4GHz Athlon 64bit with 2GB RAM for testing and there was no problem – but of course, this qutie a good machine(although I think it is not a good idea run Vista with less than 2GB RAM).

    Regarding Riya – there should not be any difference. The Riya support has not changed(only if there would be some Riya-driver problem).

    Anyway, could you be more specific, what performance issues?



    Yes, of course, some examples:

    1) Opening the Effect properties windows is slow (draws slowly)

    2) Controlling Fiesta with USB does not update screen (but it works with laser output)

    3) Sometimes changing bank takes a couple of seconds


    Could you please also write the specification of your computer? I’ve tested it on my 4GHz 2GB machine and no such problem 🙁 …



    1GB memory, XP. But after I installed the latest version of Fiesta, the problems have not been as prevalent anymore.

    quote Laserboy”:1qh7ipas:

    Which operating system is recommended for Fiesta2?

    I have been using Fiesta on Dell M90 4 GB RAMM Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz. Vista Business

    This has been running fine with the following apps also running at the same time

    Winamp > Milkdrop visualisations

    Soon to run Martin Light Jockey too –

    Hope this helps as another reference system

    You can never have enough Ram and its the cheapest way to improve system performance, I recommend 2 GB minimum with 4 GB is possible (only 3. 2 GB is accessible in 32 BIT vista)


    Im using fiesta 2 on xp with 3ghz pent 4 laptop and only 1gig ram, and it seems to work fine. It does take about 15seconds to open main program.
    But then it runs great all night.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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