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    Volume Control would help.


    I was thinking about this, but my experiences with the shows are quite different – when I’m on a show, I set the volume, the people of sound are quite sensitive(actually it means, they use very bad words) if I change it again.
    And if it would be directly in Fiesta, it would be quite temting to change during the show.
    Anyway, it is quite easy to implement, if more users will request it, we’ll add it to next releases.



    Sorry, I was not clear, when I used a new wav file it was too loud and I needed to go outside of Fiesta! 2 to lower the sound lever. I was not thinking of Fiesta! 2 volume controlling sound level at a show.


    Sorry too, seems like I was not clear too. You want some slider for volume control. But when it is close, it is always tempting to use it(e.g. before the show starts, when everything is ready) – that was the reason, why it isn’t in Fiesta.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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