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    Yes, is paid software, and you can contact us to our email to purchase. After the device is activated and connected, you’re able to export files to ild from Fiesta. In Moncha there’s no such feature.

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    Hi, what you mean exactly by “bad”? Anyway, the ild format does have some limitations…

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    You can use both, software Moncha and also pure-hardware Moncha to control using Art-Net. The license of Moncha software is included in hardware price.

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    Yes, we’ll have to, since Moncha has been improved a lot lately.

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    Yes, Moncha is now able to use “only” 10 banks.

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    Using some XML/text editor you can copy scenes or entire banks to other workspaces. It’s not very hard, but we don’t have any manual to do that, since we don’t support it as an user feature.

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    Unfortunately, master activation is only one-way – it can’t be deactivated. We would need to send you the device there and back. No problem about that, it’s just you would have to pay all the shipping cost.

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    There is a little software in the Fiesta installation called MonchaForFiesta.exe (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fiesta.NET). After you run it, you have to put activation code there and it’ll activate the hardware to master.

    You can download the shows here :

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    Yes, you can buy license for Fiesta software, it’s 400 EUR. This will activate device to “master”, which allows you to use Fiesta software. Then you can use also other Moncha devices as “slaves” – additional outputs for Fiesta software.

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    Usually the problem is with Interlock. Some lasers use pins 4 and 17 of DB-25 to detect, whether the external laser show controller is connected. If this is not connected inside ILDA cable (which is quite common, since you save some wires), there’s no way for laser to know, there is external control required. Easiest way is to short manually pins 4 and 17 on your ILDA cable.

    But some of the lasers also need to set the DIP switch to certain position (e.g. 0) to be able to use external control. This is something you need to consult with your laser manufacturer.

    Hope it helps.


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    Sorry to hear that, you’ve probably used bad firmware to update. We’ve added now an option to update the firmware directly in the Search software, so it should not happen anymore. It’ll be released soon.

    in reply to: So a lot of Sizes #1080

    We know there are quite a lot of sizes. But the fact is, every one of them has some purpose.

    The size of the hardware device (.NET or USB) determines the hardware drawing size. This is the maximal drawing output size you can achieve.

    Every virtual device has its own size, because you can have e.g. 2 virtual devices drawing on one laser output. And you can define where each of the device is drawing.

    And finally there is a real time size you can use in live mode. I know, it doesn’t actually look good when it’s used while performing live show. But I remember having some shows, where the client wanted to draw “something, somewhere, immediately”. And that’s what it’s good for.


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    You can only check if there are some available in ild files at e.g.

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    Hi, Moncha was always aimed for low cost market like small clubs or venues. Now it’s not possible to mix workspaces directly in Moncha. You can only mix it using text/xml editor, but it’s a bit more complicated. We’ll see what we could do about it in the new versions of Moncha.


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