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    i see hm, well itis a little job sometimes to get i tp work then

    so a moving head without ilda cant be used with fiesta,

    the galvos and the laser in the head can probably show the patterns but without ilda it cant recive the information from the computer rihgt?

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    ahh i must first open the song in media player and se how long it is, and then type that in fiesta s

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    Another question.

    I see very often moving head lasers that dont have ilda, only dmx, byt they have galvos.

    How does that work? can i if i buy a dmx box get the shows on ilda and patters to play with the moving heads, or must they have ilda to be able to show the patterns

    in that case the moving heads onlyu can show the patterns that comes from fabric, like “welcome” and stuffs like that?

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    yea i saw that function but the problem is that it doesnt say anywhere how long the show or song is, must i clock the song or what?

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    Yes i know it is fps box but how will i know what number i will put there? it is very hard to get the show to go exactly with the music

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    it seems to work now to load them as ilda shows instead even with the music, but how do i set the fps? to the music? it is hard to set it exakt?

    i still thinks is is to bad that it dont have a free hand draw function like pangolin and more expensive interfaces have, but i must say it is the best program i used in the same priceclass.

    i will try and save the midi settings later today and se if it works, is it possibly the save the settings so it is the same whichever workspace i load?

    what does this mean?

    SuperBlank feature – protect your cameras from laser beams

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    okey, byt what does it cost, and what will the shipment to sweden cost?

    can i use it at the sametime as fiesta interface or is it one of them?

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    wow a new version, it must have come recently,hehe

    the new dmx function sounds cool byt i guess i must buy some dmx box s

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    thanks again.

    I have tried what you said about to choose ilda show but i dont understand? does i gain much memory on this? the file is still on the same place and not down in the “show area” in fiesta. I tried to load a file with music to but it just play a few seconds and then restarts, i guess i dont have the hang on that yet.

    I got it to work in quasar now, the problem was i had the fiesta window open as fel, when i closed fiesta and just had quasar open i could chose new usb output and it worked, still i miss the function to draw in realtime like in a paint program, i just can do whole lines and stuffs now, not draw on free hand.

    yes i have added my midi device and it also work with the functions i added to the knobs, but i just wont save for me, it disapers even if i save workspace??

    and still in the device command list i cant change anything but that was only for keyboards right? the midi in controllers i cant set to knobs but like i said it dont save.

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    thanks for the answears.

    Where do i find this ilda show image generator? i dont understand complettly.

    i have now tried to in quazar klick on new usb output in the output meny but it just says: new usb not found?

    i have a behringer device that have just knobs and a few buttons so maybe it is beacause i cant use any funtcion in the ” device command list” i must have a midi “keyboard” maybe for that????
    i can use the “midi-in controllers” and set to knobs on my behringer midi bord but i cant save it so when i restard the program the same functions is on the same knobs, so i have to start over and set the functions to the knobs again, can you save the settings?

    What is the price for that cotroller to lasermatrixx? and what wolud i cost to ship to sweden:P

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