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    Contact us over our company email and we’ll send you all the details you need. The firmware update is performed over SD-card.

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    Yes, now it’s possible to upgrade Moncha.NET devices to “Master” – which enables you to control Moncha.NET devices from Fiesta software. You need only one Moncha.NET Master – it’ll activate all other Moncha.NET devices connected to network and they’ll all work with Fiesta.

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    Hi, we can speak only English, sorry. You can use Moncha DAC on Windows 7 or 8 too. Just for Windows 8 you need to enable 3-rd party drivers (e.g. see here: ).


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    Hi, it’s better to contact us over email for quick answers. We don’t have manual in Russian unfortunately, only English. But Moncha is very easy to use, so it should not be a big problem to understand it easily (using Google translate in a worst case). You can create laser pictures using Quazar software, which is installed with Moncha.

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    1. It’s generally not possible. But if your scanners are perfectly linear and you know the output angle, it’s easy to calculate.
    2. In the Output settings you set maximal scanrate.
    3. FPS can’t be set, Moncha is always running at 35FPS.


    in reply to: Cannot assign MIDI note. #1067


    we’ve tested the Fiesta with virtual MIDI keyboard and it’s working fine. Also our colleagues use it. What MIDI keyboard you use?


    in reply to: Le Logiciel MONCHA 4 manque une fonction #1066

    Moncha doesn’t have Music-to-laser feature. You can program complete shows to the music, but it has to be done manually.

    in reply to: complete novice #1065

    It’s always better to contact us directly over online messenger or over email for quick answers. Anyway, Moncha does work on all Windows platforms, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. And it doesn’t required Direct X (that one is required by Fiesta only).


    in reply to: and device cross support. #1064

    It will be soon possible, but for now with Kvant laser systems only.

    in reply to: Y midi feedback and show soundtrack bugs #1063

    Thank you for reporting, we’ll check the issue. There were also some new bugs, which are already fixed. We’ll try to fix them asap.


    in reply to: Direct Upload Show to MONCHA.NET does not work #1062

    Please contact us at [email protected], we’ll provide you with latest firmware. We’ll also release new Moncha soon, where the issues will be fixed.


    in reply to: password administrator #1061

    It’s possible to delete the password in Registry. Start “regedit” (e.g. in your windows start search). Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Fiesta! or FiestaNET. And delete this key/folder. The administrator will be removed.
    Of course, if you ask, why is it so easy to delete – well because people forget sometimes. But still, it’s possible to lock access to regedit using Windows user rights, so in case you use Fiesta in some club and you don’t want them to change anything, just create standard windows user and let them use this account always.


    in reply to: Device Setting Window Problem #1060

    Probably the problem is with your Windows DPI settings, it’s set higher than 96 DPI. We’ll check the problem in following release of Fiesta, there are quite a lot of changes to Device Settings.


    in reply to: AKAI APC 40 #1059

    It should work as a standard MIDI device, so you would be able to use it in Fiesta. We’re not sure about the keys, if they actually work, but the sliders are no problem.


    in reply to: problème ip FiestaNet (résolu) #1058

    I’m sorry, but this is English forum only. Anyway, seems like you have IP address conflict or something like that. It’s required to set the IP address of the computer to 192.168.1.X, where X is arbitrary.


    The IP address set by DIP switch must be different from the one set in computer!

    When everything is set, you can use Fiesta.NET Searcher to locate the devices.


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