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    Hi Gabriel,

    we’ll release latest upgrade soon. We’ve been now focused on new Moncha.NET, because it’s quite interesting solution now for laser system producers. Anyway, there will be new features available for Fiesta too.


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    could you please contact us over email?


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    Generally yes – it’s possible to use merge workspace commands to connect 2 workspaces into 1 and load all shows from other workspace.

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    Well until now nobody has complained about bookmark size, but well, truth is, monitors are bigger now and it might become a little problem. The fact is, bookmarks can’t be edited, you can only delete them all.

    About horizontal scrollbar. Well there was no logical way to insert it. You can make a few hours lasting show in Fiesta, so most of the time the scroll gripper would be very small. Anyway when you get used to use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in/out, it’s easy and very fast to move around the show.


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    The thing is, Microsoft has changed a way files are loaded. We still don’t know why some versions of W7 load workspaces so slow…


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    Well it would be too complicated to maintain order in workspace if we use multi-device scenes in time line. That’s why all the scenes dropped on time line are forced to be displayed by only device assigned to track with scene.

    So we don’t recommend to use multi device scenes in shows. Multi device scenes are only for live mode.


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    Could you please contact us at our company email? Btw. have you tried the channels in DMX settings?


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    Yes, it is a problem of some Windows XP – seems like Microsoft is trying to force people to move to Vista or W7… there can be found some workarounds at google, but some versions of XP might not cooperate…


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    Well we haven’t included this fader type, because we don’t think it’s good for standard laser images (scanners immediately start to draw 2 pictures). But you’re right, for mirrors it could be a nice feature.


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    Well it is a nice idea of course. We do a lot of shows and I’m sure we would like such device too. But the question is, would someone buy it? Because we did some calculations in the past and the end user price would be quite high – maybe up to 600-700 EUR, which is quite a lot. And that’s why we’ve decided not to produce such device.

    Anyway quite many our friends like and use Fiesta with BCF2000 – it has motorized faders, which is quite fun (you move with brightness fader in Fiesta’s main window and the fader on BCF also moves). So right now this is quite nice combination – normal keyboard with BCF2000. You can get it for about 200 USD, which is ok.

    Also to be honest, the most important feature, that’s missing by using keyboard, are faders. It’s easier to catch and move brightness and other settings with fingers than mouse – and that’s what BCF solves.


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    Moncha uses TTF fonts only. Windows can use also some other types of fonts, but Moncha needs them in vector format, that’s why.

    Well about the crash – it’s a bug of course, but I don’t think it’s so serious. Most of the Windows users I know haven’t ever installed any font 🙂 …


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    Right now there is no brightness map in Moncha. Moncha was ment to be used with small laser systems up to about 500mW power, so there was no requirement for such feature. Anyway, we’ll see about new Moncha.

    And yes, this feature is of course available for Fiesta. Also with one special feature called “Super-blank” to protect expensive TV cameras…


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    Well there is an easier way – to use keyboard arrows. With shift you can move faster.


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    You can contact me over company email.


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    Do you use mp3 or wav file for music?


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