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  • in reply to: help moncha newbie #1035

    You’ve put the scene to show or? In show with right mouse button you can change duration of the event in show. And you can change scroll speed in scene editor (right click on scene).


    in reply to: slow down scenes #1034

    You can use relative time at the right part of the show window.


    in reply to: Track recording #1032

    Yes, especially if there are many beats in song you need to catch. I already thought about that feature when creating some complicated show. We’ll see in the future.


    in reply to: New to Fiesta and would like to learn #1031

    Yes, to create such effect you can use curtain with small square holes. If it’s white, it’s shining brighter than other color.

    Or you can use water screen. It’s flow of water and you can project some image on it. But it’s not always possible to use it, especially if you’re doing interior laser show. There are many available in the current market.


    in reply to: Cant find USB Drivers #1029

    Could you please try to use Update driver from Device manager? If it’s still not working, please contact us on our company email [email protected].


    in reply to: Cant find USB Drivers #1028

    You have to select the Drivers directory, not the i386 one. Have you tried it like that?


    in reply to: Show position while playing #1027

    There is a little issue when using Windows Vista or Windows 7 – you cannot write to program files directory directly. So first copy the file “FiestaSettings.xml” to e.g. your desktop. Change it here and save. After copy it back to Fiesta directory ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Fiesta!2 ). When asked confirm write to protected directory.


    in reply to: Map midi controls to DMX playbacks. #1025

    This is of course logical and great idea! We’ll see about some future version.


    in reply to: Adjustable playback speed for shows #1024

    Well this would be possible, but the question is, is it really so practical? In our opinion the demo mode does better job for choosing random effects – shows usualy last for 3 minutes, is it really good idea let them rotate even with correct speed?


    in reply to: Go to administrator mode #1023

    Well it’s not a bug of course – anyway, to reset your password:

    Go to windows registry using regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fiesta!\1.0\Administrator and delete Password and UserMode nodes.


    in reply to: Great new effects in Fiesta 2.2.27 #1021

    Thank you, we’ve tried to make the new effects to be beautiful beam effects – they are not so complicated as those in workspace 2, but look a lot better when doing audience scanning.


    in reply to: Track recording #1017

    Yes, this is a good idea, we’ve been thinking about it long time ago. Unfortunately there was never time to actually implement it (as usual …). We’ll see in some future version.


    in reply to: Error “Can’t load workspace” #1016

    Can’t download it unfortunately – could you please send to our company email?


    in reply to: Error “Can’t load workspace” #1015

    Paolo, could you please send us MonchaLog.txt file? Please start your Moncha, try to load workspace using File->Load workspace. After you receive error message, close Moncha software and locate that file.

    It is located in:

    c:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Showtacle\Moncha\

    Please send it to our company email [email protected].

    Thank you,

    in reply to: Error “Can’t load workspace” #1013

    That’s strange, you’re the first user reporting such problem. Have you also tried load workspace manually using File->Load workspace?


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