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    Yes, maybe it would be good idea. The problem only appears when you use more computers (e.g. one for creation, one for playing the show) or more workspaces. Usually we use one workspace for live events (with all the effects we want), so we don’t have this problem. Anyway, we’ll see..


    in reply to: Cant find USB Drivers #1011

    Yes, there was an error in one driver version and some versions of Vista could not use the driver we’ve supplied. Anyway, this should be fixed now – please download latest Moncha from our web and after you install it, there is a drivers directory in C:\Program Files\Moncha – try to use this one and please let us know, if it’s working.

    We’re sorry for inconvenience and thank you for helping us solve it.


    in reply to: Cant find USB Drivers #1010

    Moncha is working on every Windows OS. Just sometimes the Windows is not able to recognize the driver (we don’t know why, maybe the summer is coming).

    So you have to try use the driver in C:\Program Files (x86)\Moncha 2.1\Drivers directory. But this one sometimes doesn’t work.

    That’s why we’ve decided to keep also old drivers: C:\Program Files (x86)\Moncha 2.1\Drivers\!Old Drivers. The only problem is, you have to know, what OS you use – for 32 bit users, please choose directory “Windows 32bit – 2000, XP, Vista, 7”, for 64 bit “Windows 64bit – XP, Vista, 7”.


    in reply to: Some suggestions #1006

    This feature is available in Fiesta. We don’t plan to use it in Moncha. And as far as we know, it’s not patented.


    in reply to: Cant find USB Drivers #1005

    Moncha drivers are located in C:\Program Files\Moncha\Drivers directory. They are also available on installation CD.
    Some versions of Windows 7 x64 have sometimes problem install the driver – you have to use the one from !OldDrivers.


    in reply to: moncha help needed #1004

    The problem is, we don’t know your laser, so it’s hard for us to help you. Anyway, Moncha uses standard ILDA cable:

    1 X+ /-5 to +5V/
    2 Y+ /-5V to +5V/
    3 Blanking TTL /0V or +5V/
    4, 17 Interlock /inside of device connected together/
    5 Red /0V to +5V/
    6 Green /0V to +5V/
    7 Blue /0V to +5V/
    8 Dark blue /0V to +5V/
    9, 10, 11, 12, 24 Not connected
    13 Shutter /0V for blanked, +5V for visible/
    14 X- /-5 to +5V/
    15 Y- /-5 to +5V/
    22,23,25 GND

    If you connect it like this, it should work. We’ve seen other companies to use even Ethernet cable instead of ILDA – well it’s working, but we don’t recommend it.


    in reply to: ideas for music #1003

    And is it some disco or something more serious?


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