How to create laser shows?

In the following video you can watch the whole process of creating laser show in Fiesta for Mac. It’s almost 3 hour long tutorial, where you’ll see, how to create laser show for multiple laser systems.


Laser Show Video Topics

In the video you can find answers to following questions:

  • How to create new laser show scenes/cues?
  • How to use animation on laser objects?
  • How to fit the laser show scene to the music?
  • How to use laser show time line?
  • How to edit events in laser show?
  • How to draw custom graphics?
  • How to  change colors in laser cue?
  • And a lot more…

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How to setup lasers?

In the first minutes of the video you can see, how to setup your laser workspace. You’ll set laser positions and preview settings.

How to create new laser show scenes?

In the video you’ll see how to create new laser show cue or scene. Fiesta for Mac uses popular time line tool as a base building block for scene creation. This give you an option to create complicated laser show scenes.

How to create laser show events synchronized to the music?

A lot of time we spend showing you how to fit the laser show event to the music. You have to listen to the music, detect where the bass sequence and silent music sequence starts and stops and generally we’ll try to show you, how to “listen to the music” with lasers.

How to draw custom laser show graphics?

In one part of the video you can also see, how to use drawing editor in Fiesta for Mac. It’s very practical, since it allows you to draw your own laser show graphics directly in the laser show software. This is very practical especially for laser mapping installations.

How to animate scenes?

The animation is incredibly important in laser shows. Thanks to time line interface of Fiesta for Mac, you can use unlimited animations for any laser show graphics. What’s great is especially the ability to “catch” important samples in the music using short events, which affect e.g. color, position or size of the laser graphics.

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We hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial, because it should give you all the information you need to create your own laser show even for multiple laser systems. You can download Fiesta for Mac for free and try this yourself at home for free!