Laser Show with 16 Lasers Part 9 – How was the show?

Well I like the show. Of course, I would change a lot now. Especially we did no shoot a good video. While perfecting all the scenes and effects, we somehow forgot, we’ll want to use it for advertisement and blogs. Also, I would improve some sequences of the music by creating more suitable laser show scenes. But for the time given, it is nice. We catch all important sequences in the music, we have nice multi-laser scenes, which animate a bit different on each laser projector.

The final laser show, you’ve probably seen already 🙂 …

People liked also the third part of the show, where we’ve used also our tron dancers. I haven’t talked about this part much, because the lasers are used here as a background only. The reason is, we wanted to keep the focus on the dancers, since the lasers were used in the second part already.

We’ve also used nice huge curtain for sponsor’s logos. Unfortunately, it was not working through the main show (not the curtain, but lasers:). The power went down in the whole block, where the lasers were installed. Luckily, we’ve expected something like that could happen and all the logos were displayed on the playground as well. And our software doesn’t crash, if you disconnect some lasers, so the whole show went well even without the two projectors. Anyway, I’ll use the trick of having lasers outside of stadium in the future for sure again. The reason is simple – it looks so amazing!

And what I like the most about the show, people really loved it. Again, you can’t hear that from the video, but the people were screaming especially when the song changed from the silent to bass-sequence, they loved it so much. Also, again you can’t see that from video, but both sides of the stadium were working together as a team. That’s why you might miss some effects in some parts of the video, but they were there – just on the opposite direction. And you could see them well, when being at the show.

If I should tell you one thing I’ll remember from the show – it will be the Nokia guys. You know, they’ve invested quite a lot of money in the event. They were quite nervous, how the show will actually turn out. They try to boost the Nokia brand now and this was kind an important part of their marketing plans. But still, when I talked with the main boss, that we’ve improved also the advertisement parts of the show, his answer was: “Don’t do it for Nokia, do it for Pakistan”. Well I hope we did.