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New laser show software for Mac OS

Finally, you can use your iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook PRO for laser shows. The latest version of Fiesta is working for the best operating system in the world – Mac OS. But the new software is not only about the operating system.

Fiesta Mac

For free

  • 30 days license
  • Basic features
  • Email support

Fiesta Mac +
Moncha lite 2

$670 / pcs

  • Fiesta Mac 1 year license
  • Moncha lite 2 laser controller
  • Priority email support

Fiesta Mac + Moncha box 2

$990 / pcs

  • Preorder (availability 2019/05/01)
  • Fiesta Mac 1 year license
  • Moncha box 2 laser controller
  • Phone and email support

fiesta sw 1

Precise effect control

Using latest Fiesta for Mac you can control your effects precisely using popular curve tools. Almost all the properties of your animations can be controlled using advanced keyframe animations.

Timeline everywhere

Now you can use timeline to create even your live-show scenes. This allows you to create amazing new laser show effects.

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Multi-laser support

We know you need to use multiple lasers for your amazing laser shows. New Fiesta for Mac gives you amazing new tools to create multi-laser scenes. Splitting graphics into multiple lasers or special delay transformation allows you to create stunning multi laser scenes in a second.

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Animation library

It’s not only animation library. You can use the library to save interesting animations or even complete laser show scenes. And you’ll use the same library for scenes and shows! Very practical.

fiesta sw 1

fiesta sw 1

Integrated graphics editor

You can finally draw your graphics directly in the software. It’s great for animations and laser mapping.

New color effects

We’ve used the color tools from our LED Strip Studio system, which allows you to create amazing color effects.

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New hardware

New Moncha hardware now works up to 100000pps speed and it’s finally perfectly fluent! There are two options available – lite for integration into laser system. And box in case you want to use standard ILDA lasers.

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Web configuration

Both new laser show hardware controllers can be now configured over your iPhone or Android device. Thanks to web configuration you can use any web browser to set your laser settings.

There’s a lot more into new Fiesta for Mac. New philosophy, new ideas, brand new drawing engine and thousands of other features. Download it and find out, how you can create better laser shows.

More details

In case you like to know a little bit more about new Fiesta for Mac software, please, visit our blog.

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