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I am laser professional!

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Fiesta is the standard laser show controller working over Ethernet. The main advantages are perfectly smooth laser output, maximal scan rate up to 100 000 pps and integrated DMX control (out and in).

 Fiesta gives you a new angle of view on laser software

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Each effect you put into show, after that can be synchronized with music, or you can simply play it in real time! Our standard is complete controllability and connectivity with other scene elements by using MIDI.

Powerfull, but both simple and understandable software for creating wonderful laser effects. You will possess unlimited colour variability and graphics transformation options. You can even create complicated effect, available to release in 3D preview, alongside with the rest of them.


Synchronized with music


Use mp3 or wave


SoundFlow in background for better work


Put, edit effect or change its duration while the show is playing

Awesome effects

Use simple understandable tools and your imagination to create powerful effects in short time. One of significant advantages of this, compared to other Laser-Show software, is a possibility to put unlimited number of transformations together which could be applied in different parts of effects.


Control multiple projectors

With Fiesta you can use and control as many laser projectors as you want. That's without any restrictions! And the best thing is that you don't need to be a rocket engineer if you want to handle it.

DMX Control

We know, it is important to use laser show software with other scene elements like DMX lightning. That's why there is a possibility to define DMX cues for every scene in Fiesta. And you are able to create exact music synchronized DMX events.

Color Balance

Is the white color, produced by your laser projector, green-shaded? Easy help! Just use the possibility of color balancing of Fiesta and lower the amount of green color in white.

Are your effects prepared for full-colour laser projector, but you would like to use them also by single-coloured projector? You simply use that colour balancing, and all effects will be projected correctly at once. For more details about colour balance, click on