Bookmarks and scrollbars

6 years 11 months ago #757 by gabrielefx
Dears Sirs,

first of all I want to say that you should add a search engine in your help file.
Finally I understood what was that button with B and a plus sign...

Hey guys come on! I use good googles but perhaps you used electron microscopes to design the Fiesta GUI!...:)

I never seen before bookmark signs so tiny!
How I jump on a particular bookmark? How can I delete it? How can I move it?

Regarding the scrollbar...perhaps my Fiesta version lacks the horizontal scroll bar. Should I zoom in-out every time or scroll the cursor at the end of timeline to scroll my show????

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards.

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6 years 11 months ago #759 by mystery
Replied by mystery on topic Bookmarks and scrollbars
Well until now nobody has complained about bookmark size, but well, truth is, monitors are bigger now and it might become a little problem. The fact is, bookmarks can't be edited, you can only delete them all.

About horizontal scrollbar. Well there was no logical way to insert it. You can make a few hours lasting show in Fiesta, so most of the time the scroll gripper would be very small. Anyway when you get used to use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in/out, it's easy and very fast to move around the show.


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