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Control your laser via mobile App - ArtNet Guru

Do you really think, that you need a computer to do laser shows? Just download our mobile App Artnet Guru and control, set and prepare every aspect of your laser show immediately!

You can control each of these attributes


Guru enables you to change the position on x and y axes. Fine tuning is, of course, included.


You can simply set the size of the object on the x and y axes. Fine tuning is, of course, included.


Rotation of the object is possible along the z axis. Fine tuning is, of course, included.


Do you need to gradually dim the lights of a given set or the lights of the entire show? Simply adjust the brightness.


You can modify the speed of the rasterization and motion of the object.

laser ON

Option that enables you to quickly turn the laser on/off.


Guru app enables you to quickly adjust the color of the set as needed. Simply define the color in terms of RGB and dark blue.


Simply manage all your sets and their transitions in any order you need. You just need to change the animation index.


The direction of depicting of the object by a laser can be set to the value 'normal' (object moves in the pre-set direction) or to the value 'reverse' (object moves in reverse direction with respect to the normal setting).


How to start your new Artnet Guru App?

Here are few steps for quick configuration before you start using app:

1. STEP zapojenie

First step is to own one of the Moncha laser controllers and connect it to the laser via standard ILDA connector.

2. STEP first step

Insert SD-Card with effects to Moncha laser controller. You can use up to 256 different effects, animations, beam effects, text or even complete laser shows available for free and already stored on the SD-Card.

3. STEP third step

Open the Artnet Guru App and choose any laser show scene you want.