ILDA Viewer

ilda viewer universe

Yes, we’ve always missed ilda file viewer, which could be actually used. That’s why we now give a little present to all of us laserists – ILDA viewer, which is easy to use, very practical and completely free.

ilda viewer universe

I don’t need a big software to display laser show

Yeah, it’s true! I don’t need to use standard big software for simple playing a laser show on screen. Ilda viewer is really smart program, which allows you to OPEN and PLAY any ilda file both quick and simple.

ilda viewer universe

Many useful tools

Ilda viewer brings you many useful tools like zoom, switch to next show in directory, displaying animation on full screen and more.

A complete list of ilda viewer tools you can find right below.

ilda viewer left arrow


ilda viewer right arrow


ilda viewer delete


ilda viewer play


ilda viewer pause


ilda viewer stop


ilda viewer repeat


Display all laser points

ilda viewer laser line

For professional users we have developed powerful tool. You can display laser show as a group of laser points in whole animation.

ilda viewer laser points