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Ultimate Ethernet/DMX/SD card ILDA

Laser Show Controller

moncha box

It has the combination of the best attributes from the both consoles. The main board is set into a small box that is compact, which saves a lot of space and is ready to use anytime.

Does the Moncha.box fulfil its purpose?

Let's choose the right laser controller
for you.

Moncha.box is the right answer if you belong with the others who don’t want to install their controller directly into the laser. Do you want simplyto pick up ILDA or DMX, connect them to the controller and start using it? This is a PERFECT OPTION for you. No complicated installations inside the laser, simply PLUG-IN and GO!

How to connect properlyMoncha and setup the configuration for a functioning laser? You can find everything in the following article:

First steps with Moncha.box

Display and control features are, naturally, included.

Unlike Moncha.lite this console contains a small display and all of the old control features, which enables you to set configurations directly on the controller.

Moncha.box supports the following interfaces: DMX in/out, Ethernet, ILDA out and SD-card. In case you can't do it without the options of safety key, or external ILDA in, then Moncha Display might be a better choice for you.

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