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It's lite in massive way

Moncha lite is the smallest and most affordable laser controller on the laser market. Just build it into laser and Click to Play!

Smaller and smarter at once 

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Are you asking yourself
how to build a Moncha lite
into your laser?

We recommend you to download this short Moncha.lite product manual, where you can find complete Moncha.lite installation

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The smallest in the world

Yeah. I truly am the smallest laser controller in the world and you can simply plug me into any laser. I am even smaller than a credit card and your laser system will not be o.k. without me!

The most used connections

Moncha Lite gives you power to use the most commonly used connections as ILDA output, Ethernet and SD-Card. You can control it over ArtNET to avoid using computers at your show indeed.

For more technical information read tech specs.

moncha lite connections

Just strong enough to fit everything in that you expect from laser controller

New Moncha.lite meets all requirements you could possibly wish for and more.

sd card 64

Use SD-Card

Just plug our SD-card with hundreds of effects or use your own card (up to 64GB). ONE CLICK to autoplay or control it via the ArtNet.

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Use Control Software

Control your laser via our softwares. Both Moncha and Fiesta were developed directly for you. Moncha is perfect for creating effects and laser shows for one laser. Otherwise Fiesta is designed for professionals.

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Use mobile app

Art-Net is standard protocol for DMX. Now you can control your lasers with any Art-Net apps from everywhere. Try our Art-Net Guru app.

For each Moncha lite you get Moncha software for free.

You can use hundreds of effects and shows of popular songs QUICK and EASY! Create the most complicated effects and shows for one or more lasers via Moncha software. If you are looking for professional software, we strongly recommend you the upgrade on Fiesta software!

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