Integrated ILDA/DMX/ArtNet Laser Show Controllers

We’ve been producing laser show controllers to be integrated into laser show projector for a long time already (I think the first Moncha.NET Display was developed more than 8 years ago). It’s the right way of creating laser shows, especially if it’s controlled over Ethernet.


Benefits of integrating laser show DAC inside laser projector

  • You don’t forget the controller at home when going to perform laser show 🙂 – I know, funny. Unless it happens.
  • No need to use ILDA cables. Expensive, not practical, hard to wrap. And you can’t buy it in electronic shop.
  • Practical CAT5 or CAT6 cable to connect it with the computer.
  • Possibility to use Wi-Fi networks to transfer signal from computer to laser projector.
  • Neat. All in one. Everything’s inside one box.
  • DMX or Art-Net control.
  • Remote control of your laser device settings using web configuration (if your controller allows that).

There is probably just one downside – you can’t use the integrated controller for second laser device. But since the prices of the laser show controllers are already affordable, it’s not a big deal anymore. We produce two main laser show controllers to be integrated inside laser projector – Moncha.lite 2 and The Upgrade.

Moncha.lite 2

Our Moncha.lite 2 is probably one of the smallest laser show controllers in the world. It’s small, but it’s “full package” laser show controller. You can control it using software Moncha or Fiesta for Mac. But you can use also Art-Net or even DMX to perform laser shows from Moncha.lite 2.

Benefits of Moncha.lite 2:

  • You can use Moncha software for free with the device.
  • Art-Net control for e.g. MA Grand or any other standard lighting console.
  • DMX control using additional DMX board.
  • Practical web configuration allows you to setup all the laser projection parameters like size, brightness or color channel intensity using your iOS Safari, Android Chrome or any other web browser. Yes, you can use your iPhone to setup your lasers.
  • Integrated SD card. Allows you to store laser show graphics, text or even complete music synchronized laser shows inside your laser.

The best thing is, Moncha.lite 2 is continuously being developed and improved. Our firmware update technology allows us to fix the problems and add new features quickly. For those of you, who’ve worked with us you probably know, we try to fix all the problems asap.

The Upgrade – go beyond your current laser technology

If you want to switch to our software and control system, The Upgrade is the easiest way. It’s basically Moncha.lite 2 integrated into small board with the control display with rotating knob. We can produce for you several types of The Upgrade

  • Standard one with integrated Ethernet switch, display and two Ethernet connectors on front side.
  • Version without the Ethernet connectors. This is especially great in case you want to use etherCON from Neutrik.
  • Version without display. We like the display on the device, but the fact is, sometimes it’s useless, especially since you can configure our devices using your phone or tablet.
  • Special version for Laser Bar.

The Upgrade – version without integrated display and connectors


Generally, The Upgrade is a nice device with lot of options. And for those of you, who are not so lucky and you still don’t use our system – it’s easier to start now.


Which one to choose?

If you are hobby user and want to produce your own laser show system, Moncha.lite 2 is more than enough. If you are experienced laserist and want to try something new and fresh beyond your current laser technology, The Upgrade is a good choice. Anyway, they are both compatible, so you can both control from one software, ArtNet console or your DMX controller. And of course, you can use both products with Fiesta for Mac software.