Laser Show with 18 Lasers Part 2 – Planning

The planning is important. Maybe if you do shows within 100km radius of your house, it’s not required, but if you have to transfer all your technical stuff 4000km away, it’s better to plan.

But to be honest, I hate planning. I rather finally do, what needs to be done.

first plan

First stadium show plan

The first sketch of the plan was not something I could be proud about. But well it said all the basic information we needed – where we’ll install the lasers, how we can reach certain complicated or how the power will be distributed.

Easy Access Area

Not all the areas were so easy to access, especially when you carry 100kg laser

Of course, we did a bit more polished plans after. Why it was important to do that, we could calculate how many power and signal cables we’ll need. Of course, I almost forgot, the power consumption of 18 lasers is quite high – we’ve used two 32A power distributors.

Installation Layout

All we need to know…

There are several benefits, when planning in advance – you realize, how much of especially cables you’ll need, the client gets a plan of the event, so he can arrange his stuff to be not hit and burned by laser show beams. It’s a lot different doing huge laser shows 4000 km away from your home. You just can’t return for the missing ILDA or power cable 🙂 .. Planning always helps.

Here you can see the actual power requirements – 23kW of power is quite a lot. Luckily the client had a lot of power generators available since the power distribution in Pakistan is not that reliable. We’ve used two of these power generators just for our toys.

Power Plan

It looks like you care when you send nice plans to client 🙂 … and I could practice my CorelDRAW knowledge

The stadium in Pakistan is placed in the army areal. We had to made an agreement with the soldiers responsible for the stadium about the placement of the lasers. And they were helpful in this matter. 

And as you can see on the final video from the show, not much has changed compared to our plans. After planning was done, we had a better idea, how we’ll install our toys and what can we use. What’s next? Choose the laser show music!