Laser show software evolution pt.2

Live or synchronized show, complicated laser effects, about that and much more you can read in this article.

Live or music synchronized show?

I personally love live shows the most, but the fact is, it’s not practical for many events except for concerts or parties. That’s why the timeline feature is used. First time I used timeline was in the software from year 2000, by the company I don’t want to mention here (it would help their SEO :). And it was quite good for timeline shows. There were a few things, which made me mad of course and that was one of the reasons, why we’ve started developing Fiesta.

More complicated laser show effects

First of all, I wanted to use more complicated laser show effects and for that, the transformation buffer was absolutely necessary (you can also call it animation stack). It means, I wanted to stack the different types of animations after each other. It allows you to create e.g. plane, which is rotating around its middle point and it also rotates around the middle of the drawing area. This was incredibly hard in old days and it is incredibly easy in Fiesta now.

Also to create more complicated effects, it’s absolutely necessary to have the effect tree as we call it. It means, you can create simple child-effects and then animate them together with the parent effects. Again it’s just a right way to allow users create complicated laser show animations.

How to switch music synchronized laser show to live show

I’ve done hundreds laser shows in the past and many of them were actually a combination of live and music synchronized laser shows. Typical event started the evening by perfectly music synchronized laser show and quite often it was followed by some live band. Of course, you can’t prepare perfectly synchronized laser shows for live band, you have to do it live. There was never enough time to switch between two softwareone for music synchronized laser show and one for live show. That’s why we’ve developed Fiesta as a combination of both – you can play music synchronized laser show and then you can switch to live show immediately.