Laser show software evolution pt.3

Do you want to know more about “Live laser show and how to combine it with music synchronized laser shows”?

Live or music synchronized laser shows

Now, the combination of music synchronized laser show and live show under one hood brings more options. The one I love and it’s really practical is the ability to combine synchronized laser show with live show *AT ONCE*. Imagine a situation – your music synchronized laser show is prepared for 3 lasers. Your client finally confirms the order (usually one day before the event), but he wants to use 5 lasers. There’s simply not enough time to update the synchronized laser show for 2 more lasers. What do you do?

Well for us the answer is easy in FiestaI let the show play on first 3 lasers and I do the live show on the other 2 lasers at once. I know it’s not strictly professional, but well, if there is not enough time – it’s good enough. Oh boy, I’ve used this feature so many times. And it saved my ass so many times. And as far as I know, there’s no other software with this a little hidden feature.