Laser show software evolution pt.4

Do you want to know more about “Automatic blank and corner point optimization for the lasers”?

Automatic blank and corner point optimization

Another thing I always hated was to care about every laser point, every blank point. It’s just so time consuming. Back in the days you could destroy your scanners in a second easily. Just run some low-point laser show scene at 30000pps speed and you could see the scanner mirrors flying all over your laser. And I saw it couple of times. I remember we’ve finished one show in France using scanner mirror, which was broken 2 times before the event started (we’ve used glue to fix it). You can imagine, I was quite nervous using such “product”.

blanking 3

That’s why Showtacle developed automatic blank and corner point optimization for the lasers. The idea was to enable user just draw his pictures without the need of thinking about every blank or corner point. Actually “Automatic blank and corner point optimization was the main theme for my diploma thesis. And with slight modifications, we use this system till today.

You can’t probably imagine today working on every single blank or light point. The automatic blank optimization saves a lot of time when creating beautiful laser show logos or animations.