Split laser images into multiple laser outputs

Split scenes is probably one of the most sexy feature of all the news of Moncha 5. And here you can find out, how to use it.

Split scenes explained in the video:

Split image into multiple lasers

Since Moncha 5 you can split simple Moncha scenes into multiple lasers. There is a little check box Split scene to lasers at the top of the Edit scene window.

Split image feature

This is where the magic starts

What layout is used?

Moncha uses your visualization layout as the plan, how to split the laser images. It’s the easiest way, since you’re forced to place your lasers in the visualization as you want to really use them.

Laser preview positions

Laser preview positions define also how the image is split into laser outputs

Can I use it for logos?

You can of course use this feature for the logo or scrolling texts. When we’ve tested this feature to split text or image into two laser, we found out, it’s important to have precisely aligned laser colors. If you use same type of laser system, this might be easier. But if not, you can use Moncha’s color balance settings to align the colors.

Laser show color balance

Color balance is a great tool to align color channel intensities of multiple laser systems.

Laser Show Timeline

What I like about the show, is the timeline – if you noticed, we’ve used only 5 tracks to control 10 lasers! It’s a lot faster to create laser shows like this than old way of track-to-laser assignment.

Laser show with several tracks

10 lasers and only 5 tracks in show – that’s time saver!

Download If you want to check the show by yourself, please use latest Moncha software version. And you can download the show file from here.

Since we can’t distribute the music files, you’ll have to find one yourself. The music used is Orunea & Nic Toms – Pleuvoir (Original Mix) and you can download it e.g. from their youtube channel:


I hope you like the show and also the new way of creating laser shows in Moncha. It saves a lot of time and gives you a lot of new options, how to create new laser shows. Anyway, if you’ll have any questions about this or other new features of Moncha 5, just let us know over comments below.