Moncha.go 2 - SHOWTACLE
Moncha.go2 white shadow

Moncha.go 2

All you need for your ILDA laser

Moncha.go 2 is a full-package Ethernet laser show controller. You can use it using Moncha or Fiesta for Mac software. And you can store your animations on SD card and use any kind of Art-Net controller to perform your laser show. 

Full size ILDA connector allows you to use this device with every standard ILDA laser show system.

Main benefits:

  • Plug and play product for every laser with ILDA input
  • Small size 80x64x22 mm
  • Standard ILDA output
  • Lifetime Moncha software included for free
  • Art-Net control
  • Micro SD card up to 64GB to play the laser shows without the
  • Web configuration
  • 100.000pps speed (Points per Second)
  • Power adapter included
Moncha.go 2 top view
Macbook Air with laser show software

Ready for Fiesta for Mac!

Moncha.go 2 can be used by Fiesta for Mac software. It’s smallest device you can use to create complete music synchronized laser shows on your Apple Mac computer (no matter if it’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac).

Or use it on Windows for free!

You can also use Moncha.go 2 using our Moncha or Fiesta for Windows software for free. Both Moncha and Fiesta for Windows software are free for lifetime.

Laser show visualization