Moncha Go, our Small Love

Many of you have noticed that we’ve introduced a new laser controller – Moncha go. What you might not know is how was this little darling developed.

Why does it have the connectors it does and why is it so attractive. So let’s take a closer look together :-).

During the developing of this new controller, these were the main things we had in mind:

  • Affordability and great performance
  • Attractive practical container
  • Usability – commonly used connectors such as ILDA, Ethernet/Artnet and SD-card

Affordability with Great Performance

We didn’t want to create a laser controller that could do absolutely everything. We wanted to design something that gives our customers all the must-have functions and connectors you’d expect of a compact laser controller + few extra boost stuff as Moncha software and Artnet Guru app, which is available for your iPhone or Android devices.

moncha combo

Here are few hardware features we’d like to underline:

  • maximal scan rate 40000 pps
  • color output 4 x 8bit
  • axis 2 x 12 bit

Attractive practical design

In our opinion it is important how your laser controller looks. Why should we limit ourselves to all-black little boxes, why not make something interesting? We have to admit that our first draft was one of those boring standard designs (as you can see in the picture below), but fortunately, we came up with something much better :-). Thanks God!

lite box first ver
Boring standard design 🙁

The size was elected to be small enough to carry with you, in the pocket of your jeans – 65 x 65 x 26 millimeters.

Why is Moncha GO so practical?

All of us know just how messy the backstage of an event can get. Lasers, lights, all the pieces of tech and cables everywhere – and that’s why Moncha go offers such an advantage, you can simply put them together in any way you wish to create a configuration that works the best for you, and customize it for any given situation.

All the most important connectors are available

Moncha go offers all the standard connectors such as ILDA out, Ethernet/Artnet and SD-card.

moncha front back 2

In other words, all that you are used to having in your usual laser controller. What we’d like to highlight is that all the settings can be configured in a matter of minutes, whether you decided to use SD-card, Moncha software or the Artnet Guru app :-).