Moncha.NET PRO? – nice new laser controller from Laserwaves

Moncha.lite is really versatile in terms of use. Our colleague Markus Veirto from Finland produced really nice product, similar to our former Fiesta.NET PRO. Let’s hear some information about it from Markus directly.

Greetings from Finland and welcome to the DIY Moncha Rack Device presentation. I wanted to design an easy device around the Moncha software that would allow the wire jungle to end and be easy to carry. This device is equipped with 4 independent Showtacle Moncha ILDA control channels and with the necessary safety features.

A little video introduction from Markus

The use of Moncha is meaningful with this device. Just hook up your computer using an ethernet cable. Attach all your laser projectors to the ILDA ports and interlock ports on this device. Interlock cables can be easily extended by any XLR cable. The XLR is therefore selected because it is the most common cable used in events. Connect the emergency stop switch to the e-stop connector on the unit . There are many security mechanisms in the device that prevent accidental use of laser projectors. The key, safety switch and interlock ports must be switched on to activate the lasers. The device also has a warning light that lights when the lasers are active. The warning light does not light up if the device detects that all necessary connections have not been completed. The security key does not turn the device off, so you can be safe because your connection to your computer remains active.

I developed this device to speed up and clarify lasershow preparations. There is also possibility  to chain these “controllers” using LAN cables and an Ethernet switch. Simply easy and safe!

Really nice job Markus, congratulations! Well as you all know, we think, the future is to build the laser controllers inside the laser projectors directly. But the fact is, there are thousands of ILDA lasers out there, which will be still used in the near future. And this is really neat solution to handle them. Something like Moncha.NET PRO would be 🙂 …