Laser Show with 18 Lasers Part 8 – Old pain – multi-laser scenes

Oh, my favorite topic. I think what’s really important for good show is how the scene changes from laser to laser. What I mean by that, if you check most of the laser shows available on YouTube videos, usually the lasers do the very same thing. Well yes, the lasers might save your ass, because they look good even if you use only one. But I think you lose a lot of potential when using all the lasers as Y-ILDA splitter. There are several reasons, why most of the time all the lasers do the same thing.

I’ve tried to use different kind of animations for multiple lasers in the show

Saving costs

You use Y-ILDA splitter to use less number of controllers. I understand that, if you pay 500 or 1000 EUR for one controller, it is a way to save a lot. Not to mention if you’re still in USB-ages, you have to use ILDA cable for every laser – that’s crazy in my opinion! In the stadium, the distances between us and lasers were more than 100m. Imagine having cable for all 6 lasers on the opposite side of the stadium! I would be packing the cables till now I’m afraid.

ILDA Cables No More

Old classic – still valid

I can’t actually create laser show

Quite often I see guys take library show and just play it. Well, this is a way of course and you don’t need to study your laser show software that much, but well – I won’t consider you as an actual laserist :). If you plan to earn money when doing laser shows, you should definitely be able create your own stuff.


Library can get you only so far …

I don’t have time for that!

It’s the last reason, but it really should be number one. I think, we do laser shows for 30 years already. But I still, it’s so hard and time consuming to create laser shows for more lasers that almost nobody does that actually (meaning creating different content for every one of the 10-20 lasers you use). And let’s be honest here, we’re responsible for that too. In the past, we also use the track-to-laser assignment, which is I believe number 1 reason, why most of the multi-laser shows are so boring. Because in this old way of thinking, you simply can’t pay the time and effort you must spent creating generally 18 different laser shows for 18 separate lasers.

How should you solve this?

Well there’s a simple marketing answer for us – use the right software and hardware 🙂. I believe all the reasons why the multi-laser shows are so shallow and often boring, are solved with latest Moncha software and hardware. You can get several low cost Moncha.lite boards which do the very same thing as the full-Moncha boxes, you can get nice new software version, which allows you to create multi-laser scenes in just a few clicks and you’ll get all new timeline, which allows you to use multi-laser scenes. And it saves so much time…


The answer to all your prayers 🙂 … Moncha.lite

And how was the show? You’ll find out in the next article.