My favorite laser shows

I think people working with lasers, especially the new users, like to watch laser shows created by others. In this article I’d like to present my favorite laser shows.

In the past it was quite common to use just one laser system. I think it’s getting a bit boring. But some of the shows are really nice, like this one available for Moncha:

It was created by one of our former colleague (who’s not working for us anymore). He didn’t even use a laser to preview the show.

Probably my most favorite show done without LaserMatrix is this one:

It was done for one financial company, a show for about 5000 people. Hard to imagine it took me 2 nights make it perfect (I expected it would be shorter). But that’s the problem when not using LaserMatrix – it just takes longer to create laser shows for multiple lasers.

Next one we did for Kvant at Got Talent 2012. It was even awarded by ILDA:

LaserMatrix device at its best. It was probably one of the shortest laser shows (it starts at 1:05) we did, it’s only about 30 seconds long. But the fact the jury didn’t even notice the guy dancing…

LaserMatrix was usually used by Kvant for big shows. I like this one the most:

The music is great (composed by one Slovak DJ), the synchronization to all important sequences is also great. I think it’s one of the first shows where all the lasers work as one. I mean, where you don’t see each laser as a separate device. All are working as a team. I think, Kvant has also won some ILDA awards with this show.

One other great possibility is if the laser show is connected with dancers. Probably the best examples you can find at the exhibitions we’ve done, e.g.:

And it’s also nice when you connect the lasers with the Tron Dance performance:

Sometimes the operators don’t like to use computer. They prepare the laser show effects and save them to SD card. Whole show is then controlled over DMX/ArtNET. This is quite nice example of such show (done with Moncha.NET devices):

But most of the laser techs start as club light jockeys. So did we. And as I said in my previous blog we’d produced our own lasers in the past. And this club show was done using just them:

You can also see our digital LED strips in the video.

Of course I know, there are probably tons of other good laser shows but these are my favorite because they show the fun you can have with lasers.