New Fiesta for Mac 1.0.81 released

We’re releasing new version of Fiesta for Mac (F4M). New version contains a lot of new features. But we’ve been focused mainly to testing and bug fixing. We’ve found quite many critical bugs, especially caused by Mac OS updates – for example unexpected drawing beams on laser output or lost effects in timeline etc. . Following video shows a small overview of all changes in new Fiesta.

New features:

F4M now allows setting dark or light mode manually. We’ve also fixed automatic dark/light mode switch (automatic mode sometimes wasn’t work correctly). This option can be set in general settings and it’s called appearance (like in Mac OS).

You can now use two finger horizontal scroll and pinch to zoom using two fingers in timeline. This feature was requested by long time Mac users and indeed – it’s very practical.

Music preview enable/disable
F4M was playing music automatically when editing some even in time line. Now you can turn off the music preview in General settings.

Reset blanking
In new Fiesta user can reset blanking properties to default values. This little feature is helpful, because you had to remember the values before.

Fixed many bugs
We’ve fixed over 60 bugs in new F4M. Most of them were discovered when deep testing Fiesta. Here are few of them.

General bugs

  • Fixed automatic appearance setting.
  • Support for all Unicode character sets (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc.) for features like rename, save and import all workspace and library elements (banks, shows, library effects, lasers, etc.).
  • Removed “Save dialog”, that shows unexpectedly before opening another project.
  • Fixed a couple bugs on play music in show.
  • Fixed showing manual and videos in Safari browser.
  • Fixed freezing after delete library bank in Scene window.
  • Removed graphic artefacts for horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of fader “Random” for small laser size.
  • Removed faders on closing scene window.

Laser output bugs

  • Removed random artefacts on laser output.
  • Fixed of immediately turning off laser output on closing Fiesta.
  • Removed random repeat restarting of Moncha device.
  • Fixed missing protection for maximal number of drawing points on Fiesta software.
  • Fixed a couple bugs in feature “Frame interpolation”.

Laser and Hardware settings bugs

  • Fixed not working shortcut “ESC” for laser turn ON/OFF.
  • Missing shortcut “CMD + S” for save workspace added.
  • Inserted missing delete shortcut for remove “brightness map”.
  • Inserted missing detection of change workspace when some property is changed in “Hardware settings”
  • Removed unexpected laser beam, that is drawing on laser output after change “Hardware output”.
  • Improved scenes in “Display test”.

Timeline and show bugs

  • Fixed slow responses at long time editing. If user was creating show long time, then software was significantly slower and memory consumption was rapidly increased compared to start time. New Fiesta is quick and it has stable memory consumption at long time running.
  • Fixed situation when some effects are lost on resizing.
  • Fixed crash on paste effect when no effect copied.
  • Fixed not working feature “Paste graph”.
  • Fixed randomly lost effect on undo removing effects in timeline.
  • Fixed randomly lost effects in timeline after reopen workspace.
  • Fixed feature “redo” for set start interval in timeline.
  • Fixed showing selection rectangle on scrolling.
  • Removed properties from “Group properties”, that have not any name and nothing doing.

Editor bugs

  • Fixed unexpected moving of dragged point, that was moved on other point.
  • Removed randomly generation of object copies.
  • Always enabled feature “Optimize”.
  • Feature “Auto mult points” can applied in opened editor.
  • Fixed generating correct number of points for property “Multi points”.
  • Fixed unexpected stop typing text after change text properties (font family, bold style, etc.).

Control settings bugs

  • Fixed property “Used direction” for demo mode.
  • Fixed random crash for demo mode, that uses faders.
  • Fixed showing bottom buttons in control settings.

Known bugs
Some of founded bugs aren’t fixed, and they will fix in some of next release version. But we will urgently working to fix display Japanese characters in text effect. Next Fiesta version will be released sooner than usual and it will fix only a couple bugs including it bug. Most of known bugs are listed in following lines:

General known bugs

  • If library contains scene effects from currently opened workspace, then library is corrupted after open another workspace. Scene effects cannot be inserted directly into library, however they can be inserted into group and group can be inserted into library.
  • Original empty library bank is not removed on import other library.

Timeline known bugs

  • Text effect doesn’t display for some character sets like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc.
  • Randomly freezing on closing of Fiesta.
  • Graph properties can’t change name in “Group properties” tool.
  • Incorrect update of “Scene” duration after opened it from “Show”.
  • Incorrect set Min/Max values for properties “time” and “Color pos” in gradient palette.
  • Incorrect position of playing music on select “Repeat” behind duration.

Editor known bugs

  • Unexpected change property “Multi points” on invert object.
  • Unexpected overlapped characters of text for set property “Spacing” to value 0.
  • Incorrect position of arrow in Bezier curve that contains low even number of points (for example: “Line points” is set to 0, 2, 4 etc.).
  • Incorrect selection of point from overlapped points.
  • If two or more objects are selected for tool “Resize” or “Rotate”, then no point can be selected for “Edit” tool.
  • Incorrect output of feature “Optimize” with checked “Optimize ends”. For example: Text “text” generates very low number of points for character ‘t’ but good number of points for character ‘e’.

Laser settings and Hardware known bugs

  • Unexpected removing of zone on press delete key in popup windows. For example: If user show window for edit position and he press delete key for delete character, then zone is removed instead of character.
  • Command history remember each little change of properties X, Y, Width, Height, Rotation etc.

Control settings known bugs

  • If Show is playing, Demo doesn’t start.
  • If Show has MTC source, then time position is not refreshing after start by special ArtNet command, but Show is playing correctly in “Preview”.