New Fiesta for Mac 1.0.92 – Japanese translation and New MIDI settings

New version of Fiesta contains new Control settings that is completely redesigned. Also new version supports Japanese language and a couple new features for editor or also a couple fixed old bugs.

Japanese translation

Our Japanese distributor LC-EAST Ltd.  translated all features and manual into Japanese language. He was working hard last weeks and we were closely cooperating with him to completisation of translation Fiesta. Thank you, Saito.

New control settings (MIDI, Art-Net, Demo)

In new version we totally redesigned Control settings that contains MIDI, MIDI time code, Art-Net and Demo settings. Now MIDI and Art-Net settings are ordered in table and both are very similar support the same actions listed in bottom:

  • Select scene – selection of scenes for current selected bank or for optional bank
  • Select bank
  • Play show – play show from optional time (default 00:00:00)
  • Stop show
  • All live settings – like brightness, size, play, set direction (without position)
  • Select fader
  • Activate/Unactivate demo


Also control settings has more improvements like

  • support import and export for all settings – for example: you can set and export settings of MIDI controllers and use in other workspace. The same option is for Art-Net, MIDI timecode and demo.
  • everything can be activated or unactivated – each control and each action
  • Demo supports selection of optional faders

We also inserted first presets of MIDI controllers (AKAI-APC40 and AKAI-APCMini). In future we will insert more presets of MIDI controllers. If you have some special MIDI controller you can export settings and send to us.

Two important features for editor effect

First feature is converting ILDA file into editor effect that user can edit later in editor window. User can convert each ILDA file effect to editor effect directly in timeline.

Second feature is approximation of curves, that means user can reduce a lot of points into a couple curves. Aproximation is very helpful especially after converting ILDA file into editor effect, because ILDA file contains a raw data of points (not curves) and user need edit curves in editor window not a lot of points. Aproximation converts raw data of  converted ILDA file into curves and lines.

Approximation is localized in Optimize tool and of course is allowed for all drawn objects in editor window.


Fixed bugs

Of course we fixed a couple bugs like:

  • Fixed randomly crash or freeze on save large workspace
  • Fixed importing of ILDA formats RGB2D and RGB3D
  • Fixed slow downloading workspace with a large ILDA files
  • Fixed a couple confusions in library window
  • Fixed randomly crashes of Fiesta that is caused by scene effects