New Fiesta for Mac 5.0.100

Upload scenes to SD-card


Moncha devices supports playing laser show scenes from SD-card and trigger over DMX or Art-Net without using any software and computer. We’ve developed a new way to upload scenes in Fiesta 5. This is a new feature, which allows you quick uploading scenes and shows to Moncha’s SD card.


You can now drag & drop selected scenes or shows onto SD-card bank and upload them directly to Moncha devices. You can upload the files on Moncha SD card or export to files in your computer and save to SD card later (or via web-browser interface of Moncha device). It’s very quick and easy to understand – check the following video.





Upload advanced scenes


Fiesta 5 support for multiple laser system is very powerful. You can create complex laser show scenes generating one laser show image or animation displayed by multiple laser systems. The new upload feature respects this multi-laser layout of the scenes and allows you export such scenes to SD card. Check the following video about how to export complex laser show scenes for multiple laser systems:


Note: Scenes in the video are color-coded to red and green only to see the two lasers drawing different content.

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Other features


You can now see the preview of the scenes in bank. It’s very practical in case you look for nice scene e.g. when creating laser show. The preview is visible in upload banks but also in main banks in Fiesta 5 windows.

Second practical feature shows actual scene time in preview window. This feature is also in used in upload SD-card window, where you can use it as a scene or show preview.

Both features can be turned off in General settings.