New live transformation tools for live laser shows in Moncha 5

There are a lot of news in latest Moncha version. We’ve been focused on improving the live transformations (animations). Here is a short video about it:

Quick Trigger

There is a new quick trigger at each live transformation in Moncha. You can use it to quickly trigger selected live animation. It’s practical especially for live laser shows when using mouse.

Quick live transformation trigger button in Moncha
Quick trigger live animation button

Quick Trigger Intensity

The nice feature of these new triggers is the ability to set their intensity. There is a store value button on the right side of each live transformation. It allows you to save the current live transformation value as the one used by quick trigger.

Quick trigger intensity value
Every live animation can use saved value for quick trigger

The last new button is used to display selected live transformation settings. It’s just more obvious as in the previous version. Before you had to use right mouse click (which is still possible).

What hardware can you use?

Basically the new buttons just make it a lot easier to use live transformations in your live laser shows. I like them a lot and we hope, you’ll like them too 🙂 … Of course you can use the new software version with all our devices like Moncha.go 2, 2, Moncha.lite 2 or The Upgrade.