Our product history part 2

As I said in my previous blog post, we started out by developing Fiesta 2 software. It’s the base of the latter Fiesta.NET software, which is used till now…

The next thing we never liked was the USB connector. Yes, it’s everywhere, but the consequence of the USB is you have to use long ILDA cables. Of course it’s not a problem when you use one or two lasers. But if you do laser shows with 10 or more lasers – it’s a big complication.


That’s why we’ve developed Fiesta.NET device. It’s working with Fiesta.NET software and it’s being used even today for quite a lot of shows. Fiesta.NET is still a very good device. It provides smooth reliable Ethernet connection with up to 100000pps speed. The Ethernet connection saves a lot of time by installation and it’s also great for performance – the animations are a lot smoother than by USB devices.


Fiesta.NET is good for professionals. But for the new cheap laser systems it was just too expensive. That’s why we’ve developed cheaper version called Moncha.NET. Now we produce 4 main versions – Moncha.NET Box, Moncha.NET Go, Moncha.NET Display and Moncha.NET LITE. The Display and LITE versions are great for laser system producers. They can be easily integrated even into small laser systems.

Fiesta.NET PRO White

Moncha.NET provides a lot of features. You can control it directly from the software or you can export your laser shows to SD card and play without the computer. You can use it as a stand-alone laser show player or you can use DMX and ArtNET to change all important settings like size, position, and color. Moncha.NET was also awarded by Fenning ILDA award.

4 Monche blog 3

Those are all of our “mainstream” products. We developed a lot more of course, but some products were not finished and some were just one-time projects…