Moncha.go 2 ILDA Ethernet/Art-Net/stand-alone laser show controller DAC

348,00 incl. VAT

Easy to use laser show controller (DAC=Digital to Analog Converter)

  • High performance, up to 100.000 pps (Points Per Second)
  • Micro SD card for complete laser shows
  • Art-Net control
  • Stand alone mode
  • Practical web configuration
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Moncha.go 2 is a full-package Ethernet laser show controller. You can use it with every standard ILDA laser projector. You can use it using Moncha or Fiesta 5 software. And you can store your animations on SD card and use any kind of Art-Net controller to perform your laser show.

Included SD card is full of laser show cues and even complete laser shows. Thanks to that you can use Moncha.go 2 even without the computer to perform quality laser shows.

The software Moncha is included free in the price of Moncha.go 2. It can be used to create laser shows even for more than 30 individual laser systems.

The real power to create new laser shows comes with the Fiesta 5 software. The license for this software can be purchased for your Moncha.go 2 device.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions25 × 15 × 5 cm


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